Virtual Lessons

What can’t you do virtually these days?!

Virtual swim lessons actually started for us as teaching parents how to teach their child in the bath tub. Now in this new age we live in virtual lessons are more and more popular. Who better to teach their child than mom or dad as trust is essential in learn to swim. Starting young in the tub will give the basic level of water safety and prepared for swim lessons.

Virtual freedom and strengthening is a beautiful gift you can learn to give your

Life skills,  Life saving,  as well as Therapeutic and Healing benefits we bring to you virtually. Who better to work with your Fishie than you! And we now have the time, and need the outlet water can give (peace and calm) .  Our programs were built to help all children and adolescents with zero to all special needs find a love for and freedom in the water. We work on strengthening for those that need it. Freedom for those that are trapped in a body they can’t control, and safety as it is the number one cause of death for children with special needs.  The sooner a child is introduced to the healing benefits the better. Babies can start working on tone and safety. Kids, like my son can use as a coping skill. There is a freedom in the water some children can find no where else. There have been days of BIG feelings with my son and after hours of swimming he can still come home and float in a tub for an hour. He sleeps better, focuses better and is more calm when he is able to utilize this skill.

Children with cerebral palsy, sma, stroke survivor, Rhett’s, and many other genetic and developmental disabilities we use certified neck rings and full face masks to get them moving the water. We work on sit to stand, walking and full on swimming with children that can not do this on land! I work with a 6mos old baby with Arthrogryposis and we use a neck ring and a jacuzzi to loosen up his limbs and start strengthening exercises. He also has club feet and the water is helping him gain strength for upcoming surgeries.  

Children with ASD, SPD and other comorbid disorders gain from our programs a place to incorporate all their therapies in one place. We work on speech, ot, pt, and social skills always. We learn through play. With the drowning rate as high as it is and how at risk our children are we need to make them all safe and loving the water! In the water they are free from their bodies and minds. Swimming helps focus, calm and increase quality of life. ………..

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Description generated with high confidence 16 yo Brooke, passed away last year, came weekly to swim sessions to loosen up her body and feel free for 40 min 1x week for 2 years. It was the highlight of her week. 

A person swimming in a pool of water

Description generated with high confidence Face masks to get children who can’t move the freedom to move! We Go Pro all their first times. The laughter and singing brings tears to everyone around.

With this tool we get the child loose and moving their arms and legs until they are swimming!

This works their Core, their legs and arm muscles. Self esteem and joy are filled.

A 9 yo amputee we have been working with for 1.5 years. His first artificial leg didn’t bend and now he walks with a crooked gait setting himself up for hip problems later and feeling more different now. We work on correcting his walk through kicking and strength building in his, what he calls “nubby”.  We use weighted balls, fins and rubber bands to help this. He has come a long way and with his new artificial leg is becoming confident and even went on a trampoline at a birthday party for the first time ever! A picture containing person, boy, green

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A person swimming in the water

Description generated with very high confidence The neck ring helps us keep a child safe from going under while we work on walking, strengthening and stretching. 

We use a watsu technique in our freedom swims. 

evident part of swimming lessons, the benefits of swimming for special needs children transcend the pool. Below are some of the many ways swimming has a positive impact on life away from the pool. 

Motor Skills 

When you child learns about controlling their body in water, you will notice an improvement when they are outside of it as well. Swimming implements muscle repetition and control, as water slows down movements. Learning to swim can improve the coordination of movements such as walking, running, and doing other activities besides swimming.  


As mentioned above, swimming is an exercise that implements repetitive movements which will improve strength. Movement within the hydrostatic pressure of water is a great way for children to improve their strength in an environment they feel comfortable in. 

Sensory Issues 

Children with Autism can face many sensory processing issues, often getting distracted or overstimulated by things that are happening around them. In a pool, children will be experiencing the feeling, temperature, and sounds of the water. They will also be working closely with an instructor and perhaps be near other people in the pool. Many children with autism react better to touch after going through swimming lessons and swim therapy.  

Coming….. Group Swim Lessons…..Virtual Social Interactions

During swim lessons, children will be working closely with their instructors at home while virtual Special Fishies Coach and experiencing interactions with others through a social group app where the whole group can see one another….Party in the tub!  Swimming lessons will naturally be a place for your child to work on their socialization and improve their communicatory skills. 

We all are doubtful of new things especially for a child or loved one. Get a trial virtual lesson plan and session with us for one time $30 trial fee. 30-45 minutes 

Are you interested in learning additional information about the benefits swimming lessons or aquatic freedom and strengthening could provide for your child, loved one, yourself, client or patient? Contact Coach Jodi at or  go ahead and book a virtual trial class to make sure it is a good fit ~ 

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Wear bathing suit, lower temperature, make it a swim experience

Step by step

Be in tub(only if needed or for fun!, get out after 3 lessons)

Low level of water

Slowly over each session raise water a ½ inch. 

Contact us for more details and to schedule your first lesson!